Tour Planning Services

We love to have group tours come to Mitchell, either as a destination or just in passing. There are lots of things we can plan for a group tour for the time you will be spending in our community.

Exploring Mitchell

Corn! It’s what Mitchell is all about. Its history dates back one thousand years ago with a tribe of semi-nomadic hunter farmers who harvested the first corn in this area. It continues with the story of the Homestead Act of 1862 and railroad expansion and how these events led to the construction of our unique Corn Palace. Visit the Corn Palace and you will discover how it has become the area’s centerpiece for entertainment and one of the state’s most recognized symbols, second only to the Shrine of Democracy at Mount Rushmore.


Mitchell has so many things to do and places to see.

Tour Planning Services

We can make planning your tour of Mitchell easy!

  • Free literature, color slides, and video tapes available
  • Free step-on guide services available upon request
  • Free customized itinerary planning
  • Free hub-n-spoke itinerary assistance upon request