Sometimes, the early bird doesn’t get the worm.

Mitchell, South Dakota is famed for its nationally recognized pheasant hunting, attracting visitors from across the country. It’s an opportunity unlike any other, experiencing the thrill of the hunt amongst family and friends, and partaking in a rich tradition of sportsmanship and skill.

What many don’t realize is that late season hunting presents a myriad of advantages that may not be enjoyed by earlier visitors. Among the top reasons to schedule a late season hunt:

SAFETY: Late season is ideal for family hunts, with less crowding throughout the landscape.

SNOW: Cooler weather is less stressful on canine companions, and affords a unique experience for out of area hunters who are not accustomed to snowfall.

STRATEGY: Pheasants are “bunching up” and surprising hunters with bursts of 30-40 birds. This calls for specialized hunting tactics, which truly test a sportsman’s dexterity.

SAVINGS: Lodging rates are lower when visiting later in the season. One of Mitchell’s timeless traditions is fast approaching. The first significant snowfall often arrives in early November. Boasting the top number of birds per hunter per season, there’s nothing quite like a late season hunt!

The season ends January 1, 2012 so visit our website to book your next hunting adventure! A list of guides and services in Mitchell, SD and a list of lodging facilities in Mitchell, SD are available on our website or request a Hunting Guide to Mitchell now!