Rediscovering Mitchell

A funny thing happens when you move around as a kid – the concept of ‘home’ begins to take on a new significance. When my family moved to Mitchell in 1998, I’m not sure I believed that we would be staying – I’m not sure I believed that we had finally settled, finally found a place to call home. As it turns out, we did; and it was a great choice.

Fast forward fourteen years – I’ve come to love Mitchell so much, I want to help spread the word about our wonderful community! As the new Director of the Mitchell Convention & Visitors Bureau, I’m looking at our beautiful city with new eyes. How long have I lived and worked here without truly noticing the uniqueness of our attractions? Are there things to do I don’t know about? What surprises and hidden gems have I been overlooking? What is there about Mitchell that I have been missing?

I’m on a mission to find out! Join me as I rediscover Mitchell. Whether you are a compatriot from across the country, a fellow Midwesterner looking to explore South Dakota, a resident of a neighboring town, or a ‘Mitchellite’ like me, I invite you to view our city with fresh eyes. Over the coming weeks and months I will be writing about the wonderful discoveries I make in my new role as the CVB Director.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you. Mitchell isn’t just the home of the World’s Only Corn Palace – it’s my home, too. So come on over! Stop in for an afternoon, a weekend, a while.


Jacki Miskimins is the new Director of the Mitchell Convention & Visitors Bureau. She has been calling Mitchell her home since 1998.