Give ‘Snowbird’ a whole new meaning!

With weeks left to go in the pheasant hunting season, now is a great time to plan or create your favorite outdoor tradition. Brood numbers are up this year, but due to the summer drought, those birds are playing hard-to-get. Deterred? Don’t be!

There are many reasons a late-season hunt is a great getaway. Safety is always top priority, and hunting later in the season avoids a crowded landscape. When the snow falls (this weekend?!), visibility increases. Rover will thank you, too – cooler weather is less stressful on your four-legged best friend. And if you’re looking for a low-cost vacation with your buddies or your family, late-season hunting is the answer as lodging rates are lower towards the end of the season.

So go ahead – give ‘snowbird’ a whole new meaning! The fields are open, and your memories are waiting.