Fast Facts

Mitchell is the County Seat of Davison County.

Mitchell Population: 15,254, estimated as of 2010

Davison County Population: 19,504, estimated as of 2010

The City of Mitchell was incorporated in 1881, and was named for Alexander Mitchell, then president of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad.

Mitchell boasts many famous residents.  Some of them are: George McGovern, 1972 Presidential Nominee; Ordell Braase, starting defensive end for the Baltimore Colts in the ’60s; and Mike Miller, 2001 NBA Rookie of the Year and current Minnesota Timberwolves teammate.

Mitchell is home to two post-secondary institutions: Dakota Wesleyan University and Mitchell Technical Institute.

Mitchell’s Corn Palace is not the first one.  The organizers of the first Palace got their idea from one that had been done in Sioux City, IA.

The Mitchell High School mascot is “Cornelius”, a giant ear of corn, and the team name for Mitchell High School is the “Kernels”.

The Mitchell Convention & Visitors Bureau’s mascot is “Cornelia”.  She is the sister of Cornelius.  Their mother is Calico Corn and their father is Pop Corn.

Mitchell offers a nostalgic treat – one of the last remaining drive-in movie theatres in the U.S.  Mitchell also offers a 5-screen movie theatre complex.