Corn Palace mentioned in the New York Times!

The New York Times mentioned the Corn Palace in their Book Review section, published August 23, 2012. While reviewing various Atlas apps for electronic media devices, book review production editor J.D. Biersdorfer wrote:

“These features jump around linear time — a Viking long ship and the half-­submerged Titanic are both visible in the North Atlantic — but they aren’t exactly comprehensive. For example, the state of South Dakota bears only two features: Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills and the lesser-known Corn Palace in Mitchell, while Ireland’s sole feature is . . . a cow. Still, the app hits most of the local color and nicely combines elements of history and culture.”

While we’re disappointed that this particular Atlas left out the other great cultural touchstones and attractions in South Dakota – and in Mitchell! – we’re proud to be listed alongside Mt. Rushmore as the two icons of the state. Thank you, New York Times!