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Life Lessons from Hunting

When I look at my dad’s collection of guns silently gathering dust, it brings back memories of crisp fall mornings, tired yawns and good-natured jokes…all those days spent pheasant hunting with my parents, grandpa and an assortment of cousins, aunts, uncles and family friends. The still beauty of the prairie, the hush of rustling grass – these still fill me with peace even though it’s been years since we’ve gone.

Why did the annual hunting tradition die out?  I’m not sure, but somewhere along the line life got busy with schoolwork and sporting events, aunts and uncles got older while cousins moved away and grandpa wasn’t there to rally us together anymore. But those memories…they still linger. Now as we are more busy from one minute to the next, I wish for those childhood weekends with time that seemed to stretch as far as the prairie.

Pheasant hunting is always a thrill, but now I know what the real prizes were. Being together and sharing jokes and stories year after year while learning responsibility and the importance of family – this is what hunting was really about.

Grandpa, carefully made sure each of us cousins got a turn at his side so fights didn’t break out. Listening to dad or an uncle give whispered advice while watching what the dogs were doing. Listening to our mom and aunts whispered conversations as they walked beside us. We all arrived home to warmth and happiness while older relatives wondered how us kids still had enough energy to still play tag and basketball until it was too dark to see. Those are the memories of my childhood that stand clear in my mind.

Now, I look at my son and daughter, they are the same age as I was during my first pheasant hunting weekends. They sit glued to the computer and a cell phone with the TV on in the background. What will they remember? Do they even know the time-worn stories that tie our family together? Will they one day miss time spent laughing with family? The celebration of a hard day’s work with recipes handed down through time? The warmth of family after a chilly day? What memories are they missing?

I page through photographs of blaze orange and even brighter smiles. No one was looking at a cell phone or distracted by the ping of text messages. We were in the moment and learning about life – even though it just felt like fun. Through hunting we learned responsibility and how to keep others and yourself safe by following the rules and paying attention. We learned confidence by being around adults and mentors who helped us build skills. We saw the payoff of hard work and the value of appreciating nature and it’s beauty.

Somehow I don’t think my kids will learn that from a cell phone.

I reach for my phone. It’s time to call some family and friends to plan a hunting trip to our old stomping grounds in Mitchell, S.D. It’s time to make these memories count and pass the tradition of hunting on to my children. It’s important for them to experience.

Tradition is calling. Listen and plan a pheasant hunting trip to Mitchell, S.D.

Mitchell’s downtown Escape Room is back!

Ready for an Escape?

For 19 years that place has been open for teens of the region on Friday nights!

For a limited time this fall and winter we will be hosting two “escape rooms” as a fundraiser to keep improving and maintaining this unique and historical part of Mitchell!

Check out our “escape” page for more information on how to book your escape!

“The Portico Paradox” and a *NEW room “Gamer’s Gold” will be available this Fall and Winter!

Learn more at


Book Online! 

Mitchell named #1 U.S. Community College Town


Mitchell has been named the #1 community college town in the U.S. by Turbotenant! The online rental marketing tool surveyed cities around the US and narrowed the list to four of the top community college towns in the US. These cities were selected by reviewing rental data, city statistics, and looking at the top fifty community colleges in the nation. The list was then narrowed down to the four top community college towns for students on a budget. TurboTenant writes:

In order to make our list, each city had to host a top ranking community college, provide average one bedroom rental prices of approximately $1,000 or less, as well as boast a high quality of living. Check out these top four community college towns and consider kick-starting your college education in one of these locations.

Read the full article:

Top Four U.S. Community College Towns

It’s National Taco Day and Mitchell, SD is celebrating!

It’s National Taco Day and Mitchell, SD businesses are celebrating!

Stop by one of Mitchell’s many dining options and celebrate National Taco Day in
Mitchell TODAY!!

Corona Village
Corona Village offers authentic Mexican cuisine in a non-smoking environment. Daily specials with full bar and friendly staff.

El Columpio
Columpio, which means “swing” in Spanish, is the newest Mexican restaurant in Mitchell! Families can enjoy their meal while seated on a swing or weather permitting, on one of the two outdoor patios.

Taco Johns
West-Mex Tacos. Taco John’s is one of the largest Mexican quick-service restaurant brands in the United States, and it have been serving bold, original, Mexican-inspired flavors since 1969.

Taco Bell
Live Más.  The nation’s leading Mexican-inspired quick service restaurant (QSR) brand. Tacos, Burritos, Gorditas, Chalupas, Quesadillas, Nachos and other specialty items such as the Crunchwrap Supreme® and Doritos® Locos Tacos.

Check out the AWESOME deals going on today (October 4, 2017) in observance of #NationalTacoDay!

Taco Johns

Free Crispy or Softshell Beef Taco with coupon (click here for coupon)

Taco Bell

Taco Day Gift Set. 4 classic tacos for $5, including a Crunchy Taco, a Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Taco, a Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco and a Fiery Doritos Locos Taco. Available today only.