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About Mitchell, South Dakota


Mitchell is located in the heart of South Dakota, with rich rolling farmland leading into wide open prairies. Our population is at just about 15,000 residents, and we have plenty to offer. Aside from our excellent attractions, Mitchell boasts unique Main Street shopping and a wide selection of services, entertainment, hunting, fishing, golf and camping opportunities. We are also proud of our affordability, friendly service, and Midwestern hospitality, which is sure to make you feel right at home when you check into your inviting hotel room or dine in one of our unique restaurants.

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“Dinosaur 13”: The Story of Sue is Coming to Mitchell!

In 1990,  American paleontologist Pete Larson and his team, while excavating in the South Dakota Badlands, uncovered the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex ever found. They named their discovery “Sue”. “Sue” was seized from Larson by the federal government and a ten-year legal battle ensued.  Larson eventually spent 18 months in prison.

Producer Todd Douglas Miller has created a critically acclaimed documentary of the discovery and legal battles, Dinosaur 13, which will be shown from July 29th to September 4th, 2014 at the Logan Luxury Theaters in downtown Mitchell, South Dakota. The reviews from the critics call the movie “engrossing’, “awe-inspiring” and “engaging”.

The Prehistoric Indian Village is encouraging all of members and supporters to see this movie. And, if you show your Old Bones Club membership card, Logan Luxury Theaters will give you one free small popcorn!

For more information on the movie, please visit its website at

For more information about the Prehistoric Indian Village, contact:

Cindy Gregg, Executive Director
Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village
3200 Indian Village Road
Mitchell, South Dakota 57301

Dakota Discovery Museum to Host Fourth of July Event

The Dakota Discovery Museum will be the site of good fun and music during their Independence Day Celebration on July 4 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Guests will enjoy flavorful ice cream, watermelon and lemonade while listening to the Country and Patriotic tunes of Uncle Roy and Friends, led by Roy King of Armour.  Kids of all ages can take part in fun activities.

Bring your family, set up your lawn chairs or spread out your quilt and relax on the Fourth while you savor the flavor of a unique celebration!  The entertainment is free to the public and is sponsored by Jack’s Sinclair, J-Mart Sinclair and All Star Sinclair Convenience stations.

Admission to the event and museum is FREE. Donations are welcomed to help support the exhibits and programs of the museum. The event will be held at the Dakota Discovery Museum on the Dakota Wesleyan University campus, 1300 McGovern Ave. Mitchell, SD. For more information call 605-996-2122 or visit

Dakota Discovery Museum
Lori Holmberg, Executive Director

PO Box 1071
1300 McGovern Ave.
Mitchell, SD  57301